Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spirit is Right Where I Am

Spirit is Right Where I Am

There is one loving Spirit that is everywhere all the time. It is the one powerful intelligence that guides all of life into its perfect expression. This is the one great Reality, the one divine Presence.

This loving presence is fully alive in me, guiding and protecting every aspect of my life.

I accept a deeper realization of the presence of the loving Spirit in my life. Spirit is right where I am in every situation and every circumstance. Past, present and future are all contained in the loving embrace of the divine One. It is the perfect intelligence of the living Spirit that guides me to respond to life as it presents itself to me. I am safe and protected in God's perfect grace.

I give thanks for the greater realization of the truth of my life, that Spirit is indeed right where I am.

I release this prayer with faith and confidence and I let it be.

And So It Is

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