Friday, June 15, 2012

The Treasure within Despair

Here is a prayer by Suzanne Sackett

The Treasure with Despair

There is one Essence, one Life, one Spirit, one Good. It exists in all things without exception. It is in the sunlight and the shadow, in the warmth and bitter cold. It is present in the loving heart, and in the defended heart, in health or in sickness, in joy or in sadness, in life or in death. There is no separation. This Essence is all there is.

This Essence, this Life, this Spirit, this Good exists within me and as me, without exception. It is present whether I am acting consciously or not, whether I am living selflessly or not, whether I am connecting lovingly toward others or not. There is no separation. Essence is all I am.

I sense, respect, and cherish this presence of Spirit in me, in all people and all things. Deep within me, I embrace the gift, the treasure, within the despair I experience. Wherever I am, Spirit is.

I thank God, Spirit, Good for the presence of God, Spirit, Good within me and I celebrate each day, the deepening of my awareness of this oneness.

I release my word into the Divine Intelligence, to the Creative Law of Mind that listens, comprehends and ALWAYS, ALL WAYS, says "Yes".

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