Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Prayer for Balance

A Prayer for Balance

There is just One; one Mind, one Heart, one Divine Infinite Source from which all things flow. And this Source is abundant, overflowing with goodness. It is the perfect harmony that coordinates every aspect of life. It is the balance between dark and light, between giving and receiving. This one Source is the giver of life, the creator of life and it is active in every moment, in every person and in every situation. Its nature is peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

Because this One Divine Source is infinite, it is everywhere all the time. It is here in me, as me. It is all that I am. Every attribute of the One Divine Source is alive and available to me. Its nature is my nature. The peace, balance, harmony and joy of the Divine One live in me and in everyone I am in contact with. 

I accept therefore, that my life is unfolding perfectly. All of my activities are in balance. I am both energetic and restful. I am active and I am relaxed. I listen well and I speak when it is time to speak. I am an great giver and I am a great receiver. I am  a perfect conduit for the love of the Divine. I take time to sit in quiet communion with the inner intelligence of my soul and I come to know my deepest truth. I release all hurry and worry and fall in step with the natural rhythm of life. My life is in balance; both inner and outer in alignment with my best self. I accept for myself peace, balance, harmony and joy. 

I am so grateful for the new awareness of balance in my life. I give thanks for the guidance that leads me to make good choices. I appreciate the natural order of life.

I release this affirmative prayer into the receptive aspect of the Divine Mind, knowing that it is already so.

And So It Is.

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