Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recovery from the Storm

Recovery from the Storm

There is one all-encompassing Power for good in the universe. It is the Power of the living Spirit. Its nature is peace and love. Its nature is harmony and order. It is the unlimited in Its possibilities and potential. It is the great healing force and it is present and active in every circumstance and situation. Spirit is the almighty protector, constantly restoring life to its most harmonious expression. God, the source of life itself is the great provider.

And this Power, this almighty Force, this healing Presence is active in each and every person and each and every situation. And especially at this time, It is present for those affected by the Storm.

I accept for each one of us a deeper realization of this truth: That the Power of the Living Spirit is active in our lives. That anything that appears to be in disarray is right now being restored to order and harmony. That all grieving hearts find comfort and solace. That all needs are met, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That those who are able to help are immediately in touch with those who need help. All relief efforts are beautifully orchestrated. I declare that Love and Peace prevail. I affirm that safety and comfort are present for each one. I accept an outpouring of resources and support that lifts up everyone providing for every need. I accept a deepening of faith in the ability of the Living Spirit to manifest full recovery from the storm.

I give thanks for this greater realization of the truth about life.

I release this Word into the natural laws that govern the universe in grateful anticipation of its complete fulfillment.

And So It Is. 

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