Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honest, Sincere, Kind Communication

Here is a prayer for honest, sincere, kind communication. Enjoy.

There is one Life, the Life of the Divine Spirit. And this Life is love, and peace. It is  harmony and well-being.

I am one with this Life, the Life of the Divine Spirit. All of the qualities and attributes of the Divine One live in me, through me and as me.

Therefore, I accept for myself an open heart, a willingness to be visible and vulnerable. I accept a tender recognition of my goodness and of my areas of growth. I am honest and kind with myself and that naturally extends to my communication with others. I speak and write and even think in a soft and kind way. When I am upset, I take time to inquire within, to uncover false ideas and to realign myself with the spiritual Truth. I breath deeply and pause before speaking. I easily forgive myself and I easily forgive others. My communication is honest, sincere and kind. My thought atmosphere is filled with the harmony of the Divine Spirit. I claim that the universe itself is supporting me in my efforts to communicate lovingly. My highest good is at hand and I am blessed to receive it.

I give thanks for this new awareness of the Truth and for all the blessings that unfold from its  realization.

Feeling confident in the power of this word to shift my experience, I release it into the creative mind of the Spirit and allow it to manifest fully in my experience.

And So It Is

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