Friday, March 1, 2013

Constant Companion

Constant Companion

The One living Spirit, the Almighty God, presides over all of existence with Its wisdom and intelligence. The nature of this Divine One is absolute, unconditional love and It gives of itself freely to all and all alike. It is the constant supply and source of all that is needed. It is the abiding companion to each and every one. It includes every living being and all that is seen and all that is unseen.

It is the unconditional love of the Almighty God that gives rise to my life in every moment. It is within me, all around me, expressing through me. I am Life.

From this understanding of my oneness with that which has created me, I accept for myself, a deeper and fuller alignment with my own inner wisdom. I declare that I am constantly guided by that wisdom within me that clearly knows exactly what to say and do  in every moment. I open myself to be a clear channel for the unconditional love of the one that illuminates my way, my constant companion. I am compassionate and patient with myself and with others as I walk this path of life. I cast my vision forward to dream big, for there is no limit to the good I can experience. Today I choose to walk hand in hand with my own unique inner voice, the voice that calls me forward into the greater good.

I am so grateful for this clear revelation of the truth about me and my life. I celebrate the constant companionship of the Living Spirit. I live in the goodness of unconditional love and for that I give thanks.

I release this word into the law that responds in full measure.

And So It Is

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