Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Good Habits

Affirmative Prayer for Good Habits

There is a natural order to life. All things and all events unfold according to this natural pattern of the Divine Intelligence. This pattern is the pattern of Love and Goodness. It is completely reliable and steadfast. This Love and Goodness is always present and active, guiding all of Life into its highest expression.

This Love and Goodness is universal and includes everything and everyone, so I know that it includes me. I am one with the Divine Intelligence that lends Its natural order to my life.

I accept for myself therefore, that I live in agreement with this Divine Intelligence. I make good choices at every turn as Love and Goodness guide and support me. I easily develop good habits and I become reliable and steadfast. I care for myself, for others and for the planet from this understanding of my role in the natural pattern of life.

I am so grateful for this perfect unfolding of order and good habits in my life.

I trust Life to demonstrate this truth in my life completely for my own highest good and the good of all.


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