Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Inspiration

Affirmative Prayer for Inspiration

There is a living Spirit that is the thread that binds all of life. It is continuous and it touches all of creation with its steadfast presence. This living Spirit is the light that guides all of life into perfect expression. It is forever making itself new through the divine creative process. It is the One and it includes all of existence.

So, therefore, I must be included in this One, living Spirit. All that I am is a part of the One great creation. It is the light of the Spirit that makes my way clear, that  binds me to Itself with Its love.

I accept for myself as an emanation of the living Spirit, that I am fully aware of the light of the Divine One that guides me into my greatest expression. I declare that it is the very thread of the living Spirit that is running though me and leads me to live an inspired life.
I accept that I am inspired from within and I am inspired from all that I contact. Feeling inspired is a natural state and I allow it to be revealed through me.

I let myself rest in this knowledge and feel the appreciation wash over me, as I am reunited with this beautiful truth about inspiration in me.

As I sense the completion of this prayer, I release any struggle and trust the natural forces that govern all of life to reveal this truth more fully in my life.

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