Sunday, September 29, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Patience

Prayer for Patience

There is an overarching rhythm to Life. Like the turning of the seasons and the rotation of the earth, Life unfolds with perfect timing. It is the perfect pace of Love, lending itself to every situation, guiding every decision. The atmosphere of Peace prevails in all activity. This is the nature of the Divine One, the Creator of all of Life and It gives Itself fully to every being everywhere.

I am One with this rhythm, with this Love, with this Peace. Its nature is my nature.

I accept that I live my life in accordance with the natural pace of Life. I neither lag behind nor rush ahead but rather tune myself to the perfect rhythm of Life. I am enthusiastic but not rushed. I am patient and serene as Life reveals to me the perfect solution to every problem. I am grateful for the perfect resolution of all discord. I am deepening in my faith and growing in my trust of Life to express more and more good in my life and for all beings everywhere.

I especially extend the power of this prayer to all leaders everywhere, affirming that Love, Peace and Patience prevail.

I give thanks for this revelation of the truth about Life.
In faith and trust, I let it be.

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