Saturday, January 25, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Knowing the Truth of Oneself

Affirmative Prayer for Knowing the Truth of Oneself 
by Suzanne Sackett, RScP

God is. Whatever I may call It ~ Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love, Total Peace - It is always the same: It is timeless, changeless, everywhere present and completely powerful to heal and renew me and this situation in my life. It is courage and pure joy. It is profound peace and uplifting laughter. It is total wisdom and the spontaneity to enjoy life.

God and I are One, I know that I am infinite intelligence, deep peace, unconditional love, courage, harmony and joy. I am what God is. God is expressing through me right now in every way. I have all answers within with God as my source. Every cell of my body is God, every situation is God, every thing in my life now is God.

The Truth of God is the Truth of my life. I easily and effortlessly know my greater good, know it is my Divine right and the truth of my being to experience the highest and best good for myself. I am always in the right place and the right time. The Wisdom of God within me guides my every move. I experience unconditional love flowing through me at all times. I feel the perfection of God in every cell of my body. I am total harmony and joy in every area of my life. I see God in every situation in my life.

I celebrate the realization of this treatment and the perfect working of the spiritual law which responds to my thoughts and words. I am confident and joyous that my good is already unfolding through me as me.

In this feeling of gratitude, I release this treatment to the Law. I know it was done before I even asked. I release any doubts or fears and simply allow it to be my good-right now. I have declared it to be so.

And So It Is!

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