Saturday, February 1, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Food and Shelter

Affirmative Prayer for Food and Shelter by Jennifer Mann

The abundance of the Universe is boundless. God’s grace is unlimited and given to all. Just like the sun cannot shine on just one or two beings in a crowd, God cannot and does not exclude anyone from Its love.

I remember that my entire life is a miracle. Everyone in it and all circumstances and conditions are somehow perfect because they have all brought me to today. As I know that for myself, I know it for all
beings everywhere. Life is a miracle!

From this remembering, I declare that the human spirit is generous and caring. Our nature is to reach out and give in loving service. To that end, I accept that there is also a time for receiving so that all givers can be fulfilled. As each of us practices conscious receiving and saying yes to the Divine Givers of love and life, then our generosity also increases. In a nano-flash, then all people and animals are served and uplifted. No one walks hungry or cold. It is a manifest miracle of consciousness and awareness. I hold it in mind as it spreads by the very word of this prayer.

As I surrender the prayer to make an impression upon the mold I have formerly called this Life, I know that this new expansion creates space for more and more light and love for all. I keep it in my heart
and simply let it be done.

And so it is

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