Saturday, February 8, 2014

Comfort in Times of Grief

Comfort in Times of Grief

Right next to the aching in my heart is the warmth of Divine Love. This warmth, this light is the all-powerful Creator, the Constant Companion.

It is personal to me, available to me.

I turn my attention to this warmth of Divine Love and I bask in Its light. I remember that there is no where else to be except here where I am. I allow the feelings and emotions in their myriad of expressions to flow through me, neither denying them or dwelling in them. I instead allow them to wash me clean-to clarify my mind and ease my heart.  Divine Love is bringing me home to a greater and greater realization of wholeness and I am so grateful.

I completely surrender in willingness and trust to the wisdom of the Divine at work in my life.

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