Saturday, February 22, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for a Balanced Life

 Affirmative Prayer for a Balanced Life by Tamarya Hulme

Spirit is all there is and is everywhere around us. Beauty abounds through Spirit in the sound that the waves make as they crash on the beach or the rush of the wind through the tops of the trees and through the smells of Pine in the Forest. Nature presents the gifts of Spirit without hesitation. Like a cocoon unfurling its wings or a bee pollinating a flower, Spirit moves through everything sharing its divine intelligence. Spirit is all there is.

The interconnectedness of Spirit and Nature unites me with this glorious web of life. I go forth with Spirit sharing with an open heart as I am a part of the same sacred source of divine expression. I, too, am part of all that is perfect, whole and complete in nature with the same timeless wisdom of all that is. I, too, am a powerful dreamer adding my essence to the whole. We are one.

I claim this truth of living in an abundant universe that also offers balance. I experience a deep sense of knowing the Universal Laws are working giving form to security and balance, and fun and delight, in my life. Self-care comes easily and daily spiritual practice supports my good. Spirit acts through me with creative expression and there is time and encouragement for both play and hard work. There is much love and laughter. I remember to think with my heart and watch what unfolds trusting that it is as it should be. I love my life.

I am grateful for all that is right here, right now, for me. Appreciation and joy reside in my heart for my new awakening. I only need to reach into my heart to grab the deep sense of gratitude that shelters there. I gladly give thanks.

I release my Word into the Law of Cause and Effect. I accept and believe this good coming into manifestation. 

And so it is. Amen

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