Saturday, March 22, 2014

Affrimative Prayer for Abundance and Supply

Affrimative Prayer for Abundance and Supply by Bette Smith

Turning within to that place where Spirit dwells.  Spirit is all knowing and all powerful and is everywhere present.  Spirit is glorious love, Spirit is perfect peace, and Spirit is that magnificent power for Good.  Spirit is infinite and abundant; the source of all creation.  Spirit is the source of all supply and there is always enough, and never a shortage.

That power for good dwells within me.  That infinite source of supply is right where I am.  It is a magnificent power;  it is glorious love and perfect peace.  It is all right here, right where I am.  I am a creative expression of Spirit, unlimited in my ability to express that perfection and love that is within me.  There is a part of me that has never been harmed and cannot be altered by external circumstances.   Spirit is the light within me that illumines my path and makes perfect my way.  It breathes me, it expresses itself through me in greater and greater ways. 

As I speak my word in first person, I am speaking for everyone reading  this prayer.  I claim an opening to recognize that Spirit is my source and supply.  I claim an opening to step into my awareness of the power and presence of Spirit that dwells within me.  I claim an expansion to open to greater possibilities than have ever gone before.  I open the door to divine wisdom and divine love moving through my life and making perfect my way.  I claim a release of anything that blocks my perfection from revealing itself to me.  And I claim that love guides and directs me in all actions.   I declare that the never ending supply of love and peace and power within me expresses itself each day.  I can relax and open to my good.

I am grateful for the realization of Spirit’s presence in my life. 

Giving great thanks for this shift in thinking to recognize the greater good in my life and in the lives of everyone listening, I release my word now into the law of mind and I let it be and so it is.

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