Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Am One with God

I Am One with God

There is one Power and Presence in the Universe that is the Source of all life. It is the all abundant creative energy that forms and sustains everything in existence. This one I call God. God is Love, and Beauty, and the Giver of all good, and is present in every person, every moment, every condition and every need.

I am created from this One--this God. All that is true of God is true of me, in this moment and always.

Therefore, I know that the Intelligence of God quickens my mind and guides me into right pathways. The boundless Love of God blossoms in my heart and moves me to compassion and love and understanding. The Power of God sustains me and allows me to express the Divine Principle that lives within me. I am one with God, and my life is blessed in this greatness.

Knowing this to be true at every level of my consciousness and being, I am filled with great gratitude, thanksgiving and peace.

I release this word, my prayer, into Divine Law--knowing with complete trust that is it done in Divine Mind right here and now and forever. And so it is. Amen.

Trish Watkins

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