Saturday, September 27, 2014

I open to a generous way of living

I open to a generous way of living

The great giver of life, the provider and protector of all creation, the generous Living Spirit is the only reality. The gifts of this One pour forth without limit, without hesitation.  Generosity is the very nature of the Creator. All of creation is one with this Living Spirit.

I am one with this Living Spirit. The generosity of the Creator is alive in me.

I accept for myself that I release all fear and holding back and allow the natural generosity of the Living Spirit to move through me. I am safe and at home in the Spirit and I give freely and fully, for there is no limit to the resources available to me. I allow myself to demonstrate the nature of the Spirit that lives in me, the Spirit of generosity. This is my way of life, this is my gift, my inheritance.

I am grateful. Simply grateful.

And I let it be.

And So It Is

Diane Tapogna, RSCP

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