Saturday, November 8, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Ease and Comfort During a Medical Procedure

Affirmative Prayer for Ease and Comfort During a Medical Procedure.

Recognition: There is one life living itself. One song singing in harmony with itself. One energy vibrating. One source creating. Imaginings of separation are false. All things are connected in this one flow of life that is reality.

Unification: The one life is my life. I am the singer of the song. This one energy vibrates my body. I am a unique creation by this one source. I am always connected to and living as the one in the flow of life.

Realization: I know I have the power to create my reality. My mind is a creative force that represents my thinking and belief. Today I choose to believe and trust that my procedure will go easily and effortlessly. I trust in my body's ability to remain calm and comfortable. I trust in my doctors abilities to do the procedure with ease. I release any thought that I need to figure out how this procedure will be performed in a way that will provide comfort and ease. I trust that I am always taken care of by the universe.

Thanksgiving: I am so grateful to know the truth about myself, my procedure, and my care providers. I am filled with a sense of relief and relaxation. I celebrate this new recognition and feelings of comfort and ease.

Release: I release this word into the law knowing that it responds in the form of my highest good. I am turning it over to the universe. I trust that it is handled and done. I accept reality as it most wonderfully is.

By Rebekah Kelly

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