Saturday, November 1, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Self-confidence and Inner Guidance

For Self-confidence and Inner Guidance

There is one Transcendent Power over all Creation and that is God. God- the Creator and Animator of all universes and all beings. This mighty God’s essence is unconditional Love and ultimate Goodness-manifesting as perfection in all positive qualities: Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Power, Perfect Intelligence, Perfect Joy, Wholeness, Harmony and Peace.

As one of God’s incredibly abundant creations, I inherently possess the potential of all the Divine Qualities. This Loving Essence powerfully manifests as me and flows through me without restriction, as I relax into the Presence and allow this Presence to be known by every fiber of my being. Since God is Creator of all, all beings embody this essence as well, these truths of me are truths of all.

I accept that my intention for self-confidence and inner guidance opens my heart. I allow God’s Love, perfect Intelligence and Wisdom to manifest and flow throughout every cell of my body and mind. Sensing this flow, I allow perfect trust and confidence in myself to emerge. God’s unconditional love manifests and informs my every decision, word and action. I am confident and I trust in God’s inner, loving guidance. I confidently and easily express as God within.

I rejoice in this heightened awareness of the perfection that I am.

Knowing and realizing this Truth, that Law has already acted upon, I release my word into that Law with loving and total trust.

And So It Is

By Cathy Kielsmier

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