Saturday, March 14, 2015

Affirmative Prayer to Live Now

I choose to release and forgive the past and live NOW

One Life in and through each and every moment.  One Infinite Presence enveloping all, including everything and everyone – excluding nothing and no one.  A Presence that is Love, Wisdom, Connection, Joy – the very Source of all. This One Life is eternal and is always present in all circumstances and life adventures. It is the flow of Good that creates and blesses all creation.  It is God.

And I share in that Life.  One Life includes me.  As the realization of God’s Life flows through me, and as I open to It, the love, wisdom, joy and reality of connection with all things become evident to me.  It is what I am.

I am open to the guidance that Love inspires in me.  I open to wisdom to guide me through this release and forgiveness.  I open to the realization of the essential connection that I have with all that has ever occurred in my life and all that has not. Each and every experience of life has shown up at exactly the right time to be the unfolding of my spiritual evolution.  I am grateful for being exactly where I am right NOW. 

I am deeply appreciative of all who share this Now with me.  I am grateful for any and every event, conversation or circumstance that has brought me to a deeper understanding of God as my life. This love, wisdom and connection is God acting through me.  I cherish the understanding that I have the power to choose the fullness of being and with that comes Joy.  Willing to release any ideas of past hurts or judgment, I claim my freedom from any thoughts or memories that may obstruct my view and experience of my Good right NOW.  I choose to be right here, right now in the very heart of my heart’s desire. 

The breath I breathe right now feels like a blessing of gratitude.  So I give great thanks for that which brings me back to realizing my connection with All That Is.

Going forward now, I release this Word, letting the Infinite Presence as the Law manifest that which is spoken in faith and intention.

Kathleen Kearney, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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