Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prayer of Gratitude

I sit still and I remain quiet. I wait for something to arrive.  I wait until that moment when I land and forget everything in my mind. I wait until I feel what is happening around me.

There is but one God, One Power, One Spirit, or Universal Intelligence. God is but a name for the indescribable. It is the source of Life and Its resting place. Each universe and everything within is of God, and there is more God than can be known. Its Light shines forth equally in all directions extinguishing the facade of darkness. Its light is cast upon every moment revealing what is really happening. The Universal Soul, always available, always perfect in the singular manifestation by which It is known. God, a word for Love, for kindness, compassion, for eternal peace.

As God is infinite, I must be of God, from God--a piece of this larger life in the singular.  Within me is peace, harmony, and love—all this fills my spirit. My thoughts, influenced by these qualities create my life.  It cannot be otherwise. As this is true for me, I know it is true for you. Each of us are in a special relationship with the Divine. Every subjective or objective thing, known or unknown emanates from the One. As Life pours forth in Spirit, it flows through us. Our Unified Spirit is a vital force in this creative process. This creative process is not bound by precedent because God is infinite and Life expands safely and harmoniously. In quiet mediation the One Voice speaks through our soul and we live in peace by Its wise counsel.

In this quietness, what appears to be ordinary is revealed to be truly extraordinary. We are one with this moment and grateful to know we are part of this stunning miracle of Life. There is nothing to control, manage, or worry about. Life unfolds perfectly and we as ride this wave of gratitude knowing our part is to be present, nothing more. We rest in the loving arms of the Divine, the Lover of our Soul, and surrender to that still small voice within. Any weight carried on our shoulders falls into nothingness for it is not real, it is only a thought, a dream.  For this awareness we are blessed. For our individual life, for our collective Life, we are grateful beyond words. We practice gratitude by sharing our presence with those who are in our presence.

This practice of gratitude is self-perpetuating and sends currents of Good into the Universe. As this prayer is reflected upon time after time by the us, it belongs to the Collective Self.

And so it is.

Michael Magill
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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