Saturday, March 28, 2015


Purpose Statement:
The following is a prayer for continued support from Life for practicing accountability, integrity and impeccability of my word and actions.

Only One Thing, One Life, One Power, One God. Itself operating within Itself in Harmony, in Unity, in Order. These Principles are universally and abundantly apparent as Life moves throughout Itself with an undefinable power, in observable peace, promoting calm and ease in all that It does. Always in action, always in balance, always creating more of Itself from Itself.  The thing Itself is beyond time and space, and that which created these concepts. God unfolds in perfect harmony and integrity, and Grace is that binds this seamless experience unto Itself.
As God is all there is, I am of God. The Life principal that is God ever creating must be in me, for I am here. The fundamental principles of Life ever creating Divine Nothingness into Divine Form operate through me, and they are in me. My life is born out of Unity, Order, Grace, and the Love of Spirit’s Self. The Creative Life Principle operates through me without obstruction.
In every moment, in every experience, I am supported, guided, and live from the inherent Life principles operating beyond time and space. In every interaction with myself or others, in every thought or deed, I am cradled by a God who only knows love for Itself. My actions are born out of Harmony and Unity. These principles govern my life and show up in my relationships as integrity, honesty, kindness, and impeccability of my word. My thoughts and actions support these principles in all my deeds.
With a grateful heart for words of prayer realized, I put gratitude into practice by living life from a place of principle. I go forth and simply be, nothing more and nothing less.  I carry peace, happiness, and laughter into the world, and for this I am grateful
Having impressed these thoughts into Consciousness, knowing my prayer is already done, I release and I let go and let God run my life.


Michael Magill
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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