Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grace and Kindness

Affirmative Prayer for Grace and Kindness

In this moment there is One. One Infinite reservoir of Grace and Kindness, washing over all of Its Creation, present in every aspect of what is.  Beauty and Joy naturally reside right now as the breath and heartbeat of All.  It is the exquisite song of Life, resonating throughout all seen and unseen, Mana from Heaven raining down powerfully, abundantly filling every vessel to overflowing.

I am made of this Infinite Source, an instrument for Its expression, a place to celebrate being-ness. This one Spirit, Heart, Mother-Father-God is all that I am; I am a unique part of the One.  It moves through me, as me. It guides, informs, and infuses me with Beauty and Goodness; It comes through me and surrounds me, showing up in known and unknown ways. I am individual and yet perfectly melded into this one irrepressible, indestructible web of Life. I am inseparable from Its Wholeness, Perfection and Infinite Possibility, wrapped in the Beloved's Embrace, joyfully inescapable!

Right here and now I accept the Divine Invitation to more fully know the presence of God in and around me.  I open to this borderless place of being, at Home in the One.  I allow the power of Love to lift me up and melt away discomfort and fear in the appearance of conflict, confusion and loss. With a more welcoming heart I am present with however life is showing up, I breathe into the moment, knowing more deeply that there is a gem of awakening in whatever is put before me, and especially when "I don't like it." I remember I am always held up by God's 24/7 support system.  And those times that I forget and fall short, I am more kind and forgiving with myself. Even apparent "failure" is an opportunity to move forward.  I realize that there is no part of my life where I cannot practice spiritual growth.  I laugh more easily, with joy and kindness at my foibles and at Life. I reach out to my spiritual community, I daily turn to nature and music to recharge, replenish and realign myself with beauty, glory and gratitude, which enables me to access Unconditional Joy. As the vessel of my being grows, I am so blessed!

I lean into knowing this Truth with all of my being, trusting that I am infinitely supported, at home in God.

With a grateful heart I simply let this prayer be, for it is already known in the heart and mind of God.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritutal Living, Santa Rosa

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