Saturday, June 27, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Freedom from Unhealthy Habits

Affirmative Prayer for Freedom from Unhealthy Habits

Recognition: there is one vital creative power in the universe. It is filled with life giving energy. It lovingly shares this energy with its creation. There is nothing in life that does not receive this loving attention.

Unification: there is nothing outside of this divine creativity. All and all alike receive the bounty of creation. I know that my entire life is a miracle. As I know that is true for me, I know it is true for all. And so I remember this right now for everyone.

Realization: and so I accept for everyone reading this prayer despite whatever appearances are in life right now, that all is well. On the unseen and the seen side of life, all is well. Tiny miracles are happening everywhere. I accept that as we remain in each present moment that the miracles are visible, tangible and palpable. And so on behalf of everyone I remain centered calm with my attention focused only the present moment. I accept that the divine intelligence co creates with each one vitality, health and highest and greatest good.

Thanksgiving: and so there is nothing left to do but rest. I rest in great gratitude for getting to remember the way it works.

Release: and so I simply surrender this spiritual mind treatment to the movement and activity of the law which is already transforming energy on its behalf. And I just let it be. And so it is.

Jennifer Mann, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#aworldthatworksforeveryone  #theglobalvision

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