Saturday, June 13, 2015

Swift Handling of Financial Affairs

Swift Handling of Financial Affairs

The One Mind is a source of abundant good and unlimited resources, lacking nothing and knowing the fullness of good at all times.

This One Infinite Divine Mind, which includes and encompasses all of creation, shares Its nature with all beings, everywhere. I call this one God. All are one with the One/God. All share in the qualities and characteristics of the One/God. All share in the unlimited resources of the One/God. No one is left out.

As one of God’s own, each of us is guided by Divine Intelligence to reap the benefits of divine abundance, opening to peaceful, easy and swift handling of all financial affairs. I claim for each of us the peace of the Divine in all financial dealings, as we embrace the truth of abundance and peace, which is our birthright.

I am grateful for knowing this truth, for being open to it for myself and for all others, and for trusting in the Divine Intelligence of the One to guide each of us there.

I release this creative thought to the dependable process of spiritual law, knowing that it is true, it is accepted, it is done, and all is well.

Brenda Kobrin, RcSP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

#aworldthatworksforeveryone  #theglobalvision

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