Saturday, August 29, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Relationships

Purpose:  To comprehend that my relationships are my contact with God in flesh.

Recognition:  All life is an out-picturing of the love, beauty, power, grace, peace and infinite intelligence of the One Life.  This One is present in everything, experiencing Itself as everything.  It is the essence of love and the substance of It's own being, all being.  Every relationship is the One in relationship with Itself.  It is the great I Am, the great All, the great We.

Unification:  This One Life is my life, I am We.  At the center of my self is the great and only Self.  I know this One as me.  I know It also as All.  I am held within the eternal We.

Realization: Every relationship I have is a relationship with the holy One.  I know and experience this One in every relationship.  I realize that to see holiness is to experience holiness.  I release any judgment or condemnation I have of any human being.  I know that each and every human is God in flesh and blood.  My relationships, all of them, are my opportunities to bow before God.  Everything I give returns to me.  I choose to give love, I choose to serve God in the flesh and blood of my relationships.  I release any need for appreciation or recognition from others because I trust that God is present, always, everywhere, in everything.

Gratitude and Release:  This knowledge fills my heart with gratitude and my mind with peace as I release my word of truth into that great Law of infinite Yes, of infinite Love.

And so it is.

Sherry Vierra
Center For Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa