Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Lift Up My Consciousness

I lift up my consciousness

There is only One, one Infinite Intelligence that expresses Itself as all of life. Called Spirit, Yaweh, Brahman, Allah, by any name, It encompasses all that is, all peace, all love, all truth, all beauty. There is nothing outside the One, nothing opposed to the One, nothing that can diminish the One. Everything that is, was or will be is held within the loving embrace of this Power and Presence.

I am created by and from this Infinite Intelligence, this Divine Love. I am never outside of Spirit’s embrace, nothing can diminish my connection to Spirit. The One Life is living through me, the One Mind is thinking through me, the One Heart is loving through me. All that Spirit is, I am.

I lift up my consciousness to remember this truth. I am an individualized expression of Spirit. I release any thought, belief or habit that would limit my experience of my oneness with the One. My mind is an outlet for the One Mind. I allow God as Good to flow to me in all Its forms. My cup runneth over with love, with joy, with creative ideas. As I allow my consciousness to expand into an ever-increasing awareness of Oneness, I radiate love, peace and wholeness and bless the world.

In deepest gratitude, I allow myself to know this Truth and to live from a place of thanksgiving. I celebrate that my Word is already alive in the Mind of God. I allow it to take form in my experience now.

I release my word into the Law of Mind in complete certainty that all is well. And so it is.

Helen Graves, RScP
Center for Spiritutal Living Santa Rosa

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