Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kinship with all Life

We see a world where kinship with all life prospers 

There is One Life, infinitely present everywhere, in and through all existence. It is the Source in which all Creation has its being. It is the mystery that binds and unifies everything. It is stars and planets, brother sun and sister moon, rocks and trees, and all creatures great and small. It is the Power that connects and holds all as one harmonious wholeness. It is love, peace, and ultimate good.
I am part of this oneness of Life. It is my source and my sustenance. In It I live and move and have my being. Its power is the natural essence of all creation. We are all expressions of the One and every part is essential. Every part is beloved and belongs.  We are all part of this kinship.
In the still depths of my heart I realize that this wholeness of Spirit permeates the entire world. I accept that there is a perfect harmony and a dynamic power that supports and guides the eternal unfolding of life in all its magnificent diversity. This interconnected web of life is present everywhere, and love binds and prospers all as one. I claim the realization of the vision of a world that works for everyone where kinship with all life prospers and thrives together. I accept divine guidance for an ever greater knowing and revealing of the great unity of which we are all a part. Spirit is moving through life right now as balance, cooperation, beauty, grace, and reverence for one another and all of God's creation.
Gratitude and joy rise up in me as I hold this greater vision for all life everywhere.
I release this word of prayer into the Divine creative medium, in faith and trust that it is already done in the mind of God.

And so it is. 
Krishni Davis, RScP 
         Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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