Saturday, October 29, 2016

Peace, Harmony and Justice

There is only one Life, one Love, one Heart, one Mind ... only One, and that One is Spirit. It is without beginning, without end, ageless, timeless, It always has been and always will be. Present in Its fullness in all situations, all places and all persons, for there is no place that Spirit is not. It is the field in which all things are possible and in which love pervades.

The life of Spirit is my life, right now. I am one with It, and everything It is I am in every moment. Every attribute of the Divine expresses in, through and as me, for I am one with It, one with all life, one with all that is.

And as this is true of me, it is true of everyone. The life of Spirit moves in, through and expresses as each person. All that Spirit is moves through all of creation for everything and everyone exists within the realm of its divine love. We are one.

I claim and I accept a world in which peace and harmony reign supreme; a world that works for everyone in that laws, customs and conventions are applied fairly and equally to all persons; I accept a world in which all persons live in relaxed harmony, trusting and having faith that all are safe, secure and treated fairly. I claim and accept for all persons the ease that comes from the certain knowledge that all is well, all is fair and all are safe.

I am so grateful for this shift in consciousness. I celebrate it, and I give thanks for it.

And with a grateful heart, I release this prayer into the creative medium—the Law—that has already said yes, and I let it be.

And so it is.

Debbie Butterfield, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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