Saturday, December 3, 2016

Generosity of Spirit

Generosity of Spirit

Divine creator, that which animates all of life, You are the One. All of life comes from and returns to this Spirit. Call it God, Love, Holy Light-by what ever name, It is the all in all.

I am an individualized expression of the one as is everyone and everything seen and unseen. Spirit is creating through me, as me, by me, of me.

Spirit gives to all and to all alike. There is no separation in the mind and heart of God, no judgment, no withholding. And so I recognize there is no limit to the generosity of this creative spirit.  Spirit is always giving itself through this experience we call life. The sun rises and freely gives it light to all the world; the air we breathe has no limit. There is nothing I can do that will stop nature from giving itself to me.

And this is the nature of the Divine One. As I open my heart and focus my thoughts on the giving spirit behind life, I recognize the generosity of Spirit and see that I am filled with Light and Love. I am immersed in a beautiful world that is abundant in all ways. Be it money, relationship, right livelihood, peace of mind or any other possible worry, I now return to this thought of abundant generosity and know that all is well. I am a place where Spirit shows up. I recognize that I am also generous of spirit in all my affairs. I have more than enough to give and I open my heart and allow myself to receive.

I breathe and relax. I let these word fill me with the peace and ease that gratitude brings. I graciously give thanks to the One.

And I just let go. I release this word knowing it is done. And so it is. 

Claire Victor, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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