Saturday, March 4, 2017

Affirmative Prayer for Connection, Oneness and Wholeness

God is the creator, the substance and the sustainer of all that is. There is nothing outside of God’s infinite love and eternal nature. God is everywhere present always acting on behalf of creation. God is the one body, mind and Spirit, the place wherein the vast diversity of creation has Its being. It is the known and the unknown, the power which moves the invisible into and out of form, creating anew in each moment.

It follows that I am a child of God, without exception. I am created on purpose in the image of the Divine, a child of God. The Divine is everywhere present in my life, in my body, mind and spirit. I am inseparable from this One. God is the air I breathe, what beats my heart and is the earth I stand on. God is for me and with me in all things. I am a part of the Wholeness of God. As this is true for me this is true for all people, all of God’s creation.

From this place of Oneness I speak this Word for and about myself, for all people in my nation and the world. I am loving towards myself and accept God’s presence in my life. I release whatever is unhelpful while standing in God’s embrace. I lean into the One that is present right here right now. My self-care and daily spiritual practice fills and prepares me, so that I more easily turn to the God within for guidance and support.  I recognize that the unity and sanctuary I seek, is the Divine that is ever present within me. I invite a growing experience of connection and togetherness in the midst of my day. As  I encounter my fellow brothers and sisters, I notice what we cherish in common.

I extend goodwill and compassion in my neighborhood, community, and on social media.  It may be through a silent prayer, an empathetic ear, yielding right-of-way in traffic, a smile or friendly greeting. I affirm a willingness to be a safe place that builds bridges between people. I listen deeply and generously with an open heart to understand. I put myself on “pause” before I speak or write.  I welcome a growing anchor of peace and trust that allows me to venture into a broader and deeper sense of my connection to all beings and to Life. I declare that unity is our nature and unity is how we prosper.  I remember that God, Life and the Universe are for me.

I rest in this awareness, recognizing this spiritual truth for and about myself and all people.   All exists within the One.

I release this prayer into the heart and arms of the Divine, where it is known and done.  Amen

Amada Colt RScP,
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

# A  world that works for everyone

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