Saturday, September 1, 2018

Affirmative Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Resolution of a Health Issue

Purpose: Clarity of diagnosis, skillful medical team, complete and rapid recovery.

There is one powerful, healing Presence.  This Presence is the Universal Intelligence that is forever restoring and revealing wholeness, harmony and well-being. This Intelligence is informing all of life with Its clarity and light. This healing Presence is absolute, infinite and eternal.

I am one with this powerful, healing Presence. The Universal Intelligence is working through me expressing clarity and light. Wholeness and harmony is my natural state.

I accept a full revealing of wholeness for my body. Wherever healing is needed, the powerful healing Presence is active and effective in me. There is clarity for me and all medical practitioners about what is needed to support my compete recovery. Every medical practitioner I encounter is skillful and compassionate. I rest in a deep sense of wholeness and connection. I trust the full return of my vitality and well-being. Harmony prevails in my life.

I give thanks for this shift in my awareness and understanding about the truth of my life.

I release this prayer into the loving arms of the Spirit.

And So It Is
Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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