Thursday, November 22, 2018



Life is wantonly generous—sand grains, pollen, stars, atoms, seeds—everywhere there is more than enough. The lavish generosity of our Beloved Source pours down, spreads out, gives unceasingly at all levels of reality that we can see and, surely, at levels invisible to us, because It is Its nature to give, to provide way beyond need. And as It gives, it also receives in a swirling dance of giving and taking back that is joyous, generous, and never ending.

I am of this same nature, a copy from this template of Goodness and Plenty, giving and getting in miniature, performing my part in the Divine flow. My longing for the empowerment of resources is the longing of Spirit to act and bless and love through me.

All this evidence of openhandedness is clearly visible to me and I am jubilant to know I am a part of the endless rotation of circulation, and so I am Its joyful recipient. My life is one of confidence and trust because I know I am provided for even before I ask. The abundance of all the infinite Goodness available is at my fingertips.

Knowing that my supply is as inevitable as the water that appears when I turn on the tap, I am joyously thankful. I wait in glad eagerness to claim my Good.

I say this is so, and so it is!

Kathy Galvin, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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