Saturday, November 17, 2018

Prayer for Times of Grief and Loss

There is One, no other, no thing outside of It, the source, foundation and substance of Love. It is everywhere present, connecting all to Itself, eternally giving to Its creation, whole, perfect and complete, ever expressing through and as Life. This divine Mother-Father God is the one heart, the one body, mind and spirit of all that is. This all knowing Intelligence always acts on behalf of Life, bringing the invisible into form. It celebrates and delights in creation, It is the balm of comfort and compassion. It is uncaused Joy, Beauty and Peace. The Beloved is never absent. It is fully available in every moment.

From this I am made, It is my source and sustenance. I am here on purpose through the will and love of God, a place where God shows up. The Divine breathes through me, beats my heart and renews me in each moment. I am inseparable from this one life, however life is showing up.  All my needs are met within it. I am never alone, the Beloved is as close as my breath.

With this understanding I affirm this prayer for myself and all beings, all life. I accept that  God is with me in all situations, conditions or circumstances. In the appearance of loss and grief I am never alone, the comfort and compassion of the Divine walks with me in all things. I willingly receive this good as my heart breaks open. I allow grief and longing its full expression, I let the tears flow. I let the waves move through me as my heart softens and embraces life more fully, with a deepening passion and tenderness. I honor endings and beginnings with renewed reverence. I recognize the natural cycle of life, the continuity and eternal nature of my and others' physical and spiritual beingness. I am generous and kind to myself. I give this process the time it needs. I am supported and comforted. I gently integrate this experience into my heart, body, mind and spirit. I am transformed and enriched by it. Love grows in me. It is well.

With a grateful heart I acknowlege this spiritual truth of my being, confidant it is already known and done in the heart and arms of the Divine.

And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

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