Saturday, December 1, 2018

Affirmative Prayer for Remembering My Divine Nature

There is One Life, whole perfect and complete.  All is enfolded in its irrepressible, boundless nature.  It is Love, creating from Itself, giving to creation in each moment, as the body, mind and spirit of all life. It is the seen and unseen, the known and unknown, everywhere present. Infinite power, potential and intelligence  always acting on behalf of  creation. It brings the invisible into form. 

And so I am made of this one Source, brought into being on purpose through Its power. I am a place where God shows up. This is true of all life. I am inseparable from this one life, a part of this everywhere present divine substance.  I am seamlessly connected to all of life. I live and breathe as an individual expression of life, within the One. This divine stuff is in, around through and as me. I have no edges. I am an instrument and vessel of the One, cherished and supported in and as a part of the one body, mind and spirit of the Divine. I am inseparable from infinite Intelligence, Potential and Love, as it is the nature of my being.

With this understanding I affirm this prayer for myself. I accept a deepening connection to life throughout my daily activities. I slow down and allow the loving Presence to express through patience and appreciation for myself,  others and the world around me. I forgive and support more easily, confident in my and others' ability to grow and navigate however life shows up. I remember that when I affirm and move toward my greatest good, all benefit through our innate connection within the One. I more easily listen with my heart. I give room for life to unfold and guide me, responding to the Divine within. Prayer and contemplation anchor my days.

I celebrate the presence of Spirit in, around, through and as me. I accept this Truth with a grateful heart.

It is already known and done before this word was spoken. I let go and let God. And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP

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