Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace by Bette Smith

Oh Mother Father God, how great thou art, how magnificent, how wonderful.  All the fullness, the glory, the wonder of Spirit is present here today.  For this powerful Spiritual essence is everywhere, seen and unseen.  It is the creator of all life, it is the giver of all life, and it is the source of all.  All powerful, all knowing, all encompassing is this Spirit Divine.  God is everlasting peace and infinite love.  God is the never ending light of perfection and wholeness.  God is the vitality and energy of Life.

I am one with this holy essence of Spirit.  I am love, I am peace, I am whole, complete, and perfect.  At my center, there is a wellspring of God’s divine gifts.  As this is true for me, it is true for each one of us.  Each of us is a unique manifestation of Spirit.  Each of us is whole, complete, and perfect.    

And from this place of unification, I now invoke the Great Spirit, the one creator of all things.  I declare that this day is good, that my life unfolds perfectly and I am guided by Spirit every step of the way.  As I align with Spirit, I open myself to greater peace in my life.  As I align with Spirit, my every breath becomes the breath of God.  I allow peace to heal me, to soothe me, and bless me.

I am grateful for this time of remembering the truth and anchoring the love and peace of God.  Thank you, Mother Father God. 

With a grateful heart, I release this word into the law of mind and let it be.  And so it is. 

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