Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deep Knowing

Deep Knowing

There is one Mind. It is the perfect, absolute, all-inclusive mind of the divine Spirit.This Mind is all that exists and Its nature is love--pure, powerful, unconditional love.

I am completely and utterly a creation of this Mind and It consciously creates through me.

I declare that I live my life from a keep knowing of this truth: That my mind is a center of divine activity in the Mind of God. I am therefor compelled to nurture only the highest thoughts. I use the power of my attention and awareness to train my mind to express more fully the divine love which flows through me. I open the doors of my heat and allow the pure, powerful, unconditional love of the divine Spirit to express through me.

I refresh myself in the deep knowing that I can never be lost or stray away from this my only purpose-To be Love.

Oh how grateful I am to once again take to heart the knowledge of this truth. I give thanks for the continued renewal of my soul through this realization.

I release this pure intention of this declaration into the absolute law of life in faith and confidence that it is already so.

And So It Is

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