Friday, May 18, 2012

The Rhythm of Life

Here is a prayer about slowing down to the natural rhythm of life.

There is a natural rhythm to the life that God has created. Perfect balance and universal harmony are ever renewing life according to the absolute law of creation. There is no end to the power of the Divine. The one perfect life of God is fully and equally present in everyone and everything at all times.

So here and now I identify myself with this reality, knowing that the rhythm of life has it expression through me. Balance and harmony live in me. I am one with the power that has created all of life.

I declare that my life is governed by this natural rhythm. Perfect balance and universal harmony express through me and manifest in my experience as a slow and relaxed pace. My awareness of the wonder of life deepens. Each moment becomes filled with awe and wonder.

I open to the powerful action of the law of mind in my life to create a beautiful experience.As slow down to the natural rhythm of life, I experience more joy, peace, balance and harmony in my life.

I give thanks for the tangible effect of this natural rhythm of life in my experience.

I welcome this new reality into my life and I allow it to be so.

And So It Is

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