Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fall in Love with Life

Fall in Love with Life

As I turn my attention to that which has created all of life, I marvel at the magnificence of the Divine. There is definitely an intelligence that is greater that I am that is orchestrating this wondrous life. I call it Spirit, or Love or Life. Love is the power that moves through all that exists. Spirit is generous all the time.

This divine Love lives in me, always. Its power and intelligence acts through me.
As I open to a greater realization of my oneness with Spirit, I begin to have the courage to hope for a better life. I find time to dream about living a life of love and generosity. I know that love and generosity are already present in me, so right now I am accepting their fuller expression in my life.

In my mind, I paint a clear picture of my better self and let the law of life fulfill its intention. As I gaze upon the beauty in this world showing up in nature, art, and the faces of children, I am filled with awe and wonder. And it is awe and wonder that opens me to be more loving and generous. I persevere, being gentle with myself in this opening. Step by step or all at once, I fall in love with life again and again.

I am so grateful for this natural awakening to love and generosity that is unfolding in my life.

I relax and trust Spirit to continue its creation through me.

And So It Is

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