Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greatest Good for My Career

Greatest Good for My Career
A treatment by JoAnn Newton

There is One Life.  One Infinite Perfect Energy.  One limitless Source of all good, Light of divine wisdom, and creative Power of right action.  One Mind that is perfect Life, Light, Peace, Joy, Power, Beauty and Love – everywhere present, unlimited, all-knowing, and always available.  God is all there is.

This Life is my life.  Everywhere I go, everything I do – this Light of Truth surrounds and fills me.  The essence of this Living Spirit is my essence.  The presence and power of God is right where I am in the midst of my being, my life, and my affairs, flowing through me as an individualized expression of Itself – perfect, whole and complete.

And so as I know that there is a pattern of spiritual perfection at the center of my being and that Spirit is creating everything new in my life this day, I embrace that I am a magnificent child of God here on earth to express God.  I know that which I desire is exactly what God desires for me, and I accept an opening in my heart and mind a fuller awareness of this Perfect Life moving through me and expressing as me now.  I declare that the purpose for which I was born and the destiny that I am here to fulfill is already known in the mind of God and is unfolding perfectly, easily and effortlessly.  As Spirit now reveals Itself as me, I claim and accept that I am guided by divine Intelligence and powered by divine Love as I open to a fuller awareness of my true nature and to the perfection of God’s loving plan for me.  I trust and know that Spirit provides me with perfect ideas, plans, inspiration, and courage and I accept them now.  I now declare that right contacts, right influences, and right activities are now established and that, today, goodness, abundance, joy and success are manifest in my experience as I embrace the highest and greatest good in my career.

With deep gratitude, I wholly accept that this is the Truth.  I give thanks for this shift in consciousness and for the perfection of Spirit expressing as my life now.

I now release this Word into the law of divine Mind, trusting and knowing that it always say yes, and therefore, accepting it as so.  And so it is.  Amen.

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