Saturday, March 9, 2013

Affirmative Prayer of Faith

Affirmative Prayer of Faith

Something has always been here. It is Wisdom, Love, Light and endlessly Creative. Call it Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence; by whatever name, It is everywhere present, always.  Beyond space and time, this eternal, infinite Spirit is the source of all-that-is.  It is expressing as every life, in countless forms, yet all have their very being, within this One. Many forms, One Life. As the wave rises in expression, yet is One with the ocean, so too every life is One with Spirit and all that Spirit is.  One life, One mind, One heart, which flows in and through every thing, supporting all with Its fullness and Grace. Each life is a beloved expression, of the Love of God.

 This is the Truth of my life and of everyone’s Life. I live, move and have my very being in this Source of all. Spirit’s grace has brought me forth as a beloved expression; here to be the Love of which I am made. I am One, with all that is. Every breath I take is the free gift of Life, moving through me. I am a vital part of the One, loved and supported as Its beloved expression of life, as surely as I breathe.

 As I go about daily experiences and challenges, I embrace this Truth. I accept the love, support and wisdom of Spirit which guides me, in this adventure of my life. I remember that I can draw upon the limitless Source of all, in whatever circumstances are happening, in my life and in our world. I rest in faith, knowing that there is a bigger picture happening than what I see. I am a wave and draw upon the loving ocean of Spirit, knowing that support and grace are here, always. In faith I stand, accepting that even when I can’t see it, that all is well. This faith brings harmony to me and emanates outward, to all those whose lives I touch, for we are one. 

How wonderful to know this Truth! My heart sings with a quiet joy for the many gifts of Spirit.

So I now release my Word into the Soul of Spirit. In faith I just let go, let God and let it be.

And so It is.

Angél Fiorito

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