Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Right Livelihood

Right Livelihood

There is one organizing Life-Force that propels life into expressing the one true reality. It is the energy of creation and it is always active. It is the eternal presence and Its nature is generosity and connection. All of life is interconnected by this natural pattern of perfection.

I am one with this Life-Force. Its creativity is active in me and it is also present and active in my livelihood.

I accept for myself a beautiful expression of right livelihood. I am drawn to activities that allow me to express my highest and best. I am richly rewarded for all of my efforts. I accept that right livelihood is coming into full manifestation in my life right now and I  align myself with it. I declare that I know all that I need to know and I do all that I need to do to receive this good in my life right now.

I give thanks to the creative power within me and all around me for this realization of how it is already working in my life.

I release my word into the subjective aspect of the Divine that receives its impress and  expresses it fully.

And So It Is

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