Saturday, March 30, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Renewal

Affirmative Prayer for Renewal

There is one Life Force, one Intelligence, one Loving Presence that is ever available to all of existence. It is the Power for Good and it gives Itself freely to all. It is this Power that  governs all of the activity of life and Its nature is peace, harmony and renewal. Life is always being made new through the Creative Power.

And because this Creative Power knows no bound or limits and is everywhere present, I know that It is fully present in me and in my life. I am one the peace, harmony and renewal of the Loving Presence.

So today, knowing my oneness with the Power for Good I accept for my life a complete renewal. There is nothing in my past which can determine my current experience. There is nothing about the future that can limit my life today. I release all regret and all fear and step fully into the healing power of forgiveness. My mind, my body and my spirit are refreshed by this realization and I claim that I  am made new with every dawn, with every breath. The peace, harmony and renewal of the Creative Power are always bringing me home.

For this great and powerful realization of the truth about the Power for Good and Its action in my life, I give thanks.

I release this Word into the Law of Creation, trusting it to manifest fully in my experience.

And So It Is

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