Saturday, December 7, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Caregivers

Affirmative Prayer for Caregivers

There is one loving Presence that extends Its warmth and light to all beings everywhere. This is the Presence of the All-knowing One. The nature of this Presence is nurturing, kind, giving and generous. This loving Presence gives Its absolute, unconditional love to each and every one. It cannot be covered over or removed. It is always present and It is always active.

I know I am one with this loving Presence, as is every person who finds them selves acting in the role of caregiver.  All caregivers everywhere are an emanation of the loving Spirit that has created all of Life.

Knowing the unity of all of life, I speak this my Word on behalf of all caregivers everywhere as I accept absolute well-being. I affirm safety, harmony, abundance, health and goodness for each and every one. All needs are met by the Divine Spirit and so I declare that all needs are met for caregivers. I declare that their work is appreciated and they feel valued and respected. I accept that wheather paid or unpaid, they are each richly rewarded.

I give thanks for this goodness that is present in the lives of caregivers.

I release this word into the Law that responds fully for the highest good of all involved.

And So It Is

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