Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Solitude

Affirmative Prayer for Solitude

There is a still and quiet voice that speaks into the heart of all creation. It is the voice of the Divine speaking of Love and Peace. It is ever-present, giving Its gifts of Love and Wisdom to all.

I have within me this voice telling me of  the Divine gift of Love and Peace.

I accept that the Divine is speaking to me in my most quiet moments. I affirm that as I turn to the inner solitude that is always available to me, I hear more clearly this voice of Love and Peace. Solitude is always with me, always available to me no matter what is happening around me. I allow myself to linger in this inner sanctuary, for It is a great nurturing Presence and brings to me my highest good.

There is a feeling in me beyond gratitude, an absolute awe and wonder at the perfection of life, to supply this ever present solitude for my benefit.

I release in faith and trust, this Word I speak, to the Creative Mind that receives its impress and brings it into my experience.

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