Saturday, December 21, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind and Equanimity

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind and Equanimity

The Peace of God is everywhere present within all that exists and all around everything. It is infinite and eternal. It is available always. It gives Itself fully to life, holding nothing back.

I am included in this Peace.

I open to accept this Peace more fully. I trust Peace to guide me into whatever decisions and activities that nourish me.  I accept that my life is unfolding perfectly and I align my myself with this guiding light. I follow the Divine within me, and I am at Peace. I see peace in the world around me. I see the Divine in everyone I meet. I live in equanimity as I open to a deeper, richer, fuller experience of life.

I give thanks and let go into the Divine action that is always taking place on my behalf.

I trust in the full manifestation of Peace and Equanimity in my life. I release this Word in to the Law of Mind knowing its completion is assured. 

And So It Is

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