Saturday, December 28, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Intention

Affirmative Prayer for Clear Intention

There is One Mind. It is the Mind of the living Spirit. All wisdom, all knowledge, all insight springs from this One Mind. This One Mind is Life itself. It includes every thing and informs everything. Wisdom, clarity and intelligence are Its very nature. It is this One Mind, this Intelligence that creates Life out of Its loving nature and illuminates the way for the continuous unfolding of Perfect Life.

The One Mind created me and lives in me. It is my mind. All of my thought and all of my experiences are taking place in the pure Intelligence of the One Mind. Its Power is my power.

So, today, I affirm that there is no limit to the power in me to use my mind for good. I am creative through my awareness and attention. I consciously make use of all of the wisdom that is available to me as I move through life with clear intention. I remain steadfast in my Spiritual Practices, those practices that align my mind with the Divine Mind. I open to receive the gift of Clarity and step into the flow of Universal Intention-the intention of the Divine to create through me. My way is clear and filled with the grace.There is nothing that can deter me from living in unity with the loving Presence.

I am grateful as I celebrate this truth.

It is so very clear to me that this Word shall elicit a perfect response form the Creative Medium that manifests all of Life.

And So It Is

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