Saturday, March 1, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Vitality

Affirmative Prayer for Vitality

There is one Power, one loving Energy. This Power and Energy flows through everything. It is the Power and Energy of the living Spirit. It is generous and abundant. It is infinite and eternal. It reaches into all of life and gives Itself fully to all of life. Vitality is Its very nature.

I am a creation of this one Power and I am made from this one Energy. The Power and Energy of the living Spirit reach into every part of me.

I affirm that the Power and Energy of the one living Spirit is fully alive and active in me. I am filled with vitality as my nature is the same as Spirit's nature. I am blessed with overflowing abundance of positive, constructive, loving energy. I am enlivened by the flow of the Spirit through me and It leads me to great and wonderful experiences. I drink it in and savor all that comes to me and through me. I am fully alive in Spirit. Vitality is my natural state and I open to receive it. I allow vitality to be fully expressed through me.

I am grateful as I celebrate this as my personal truth. I give thanks for the revealing of this truth and the manifestation of its highest intention in my experience.

I release this Word now, trusting Spirit to bring it forth.

And So It Is

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