Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Ukraine

Affirmative Prayer for Ukraine by Bonnie Chase, RScP

The One God in its infinite and eternal power knows only peace, love and joy.  This is the energy that gives existence and life to all there is, and it is the truth of all there is.

 This truth operates in these words with the creative power of the All-in-All, it infuses the world with its majesty and graces the land of Ukraine with its glory and peace.

 Peace permeates the fertile soil of the Ukraine.  Spirit's joy lifts its people's hearts.  The power of the One gives strength, meaning and direction to those who inhabit this blessed land.

 They stand firm in their love for each other, for life and for Spirit.  They stand open to the guidance and support from divine realms.  They are firmly lead to peace and prosperity that none can vanquish, for the Ukraine is a divine idea in the mind of God, and the divine knows no defeat.

 In great gratitude for this shift, for this new strength and majesty arising from the pains of Eurasia, I release my word to the law that always makes it so.  And so it is.

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