Saturday, March 15, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Good Self-Care

Affirmative Prayer for Good Self-Care

There is One Loving Presence that is the Source of all of Life. Life originates from Love and Life is sustained by Love. This Love is the absolute power of the Divine and it is continuously creating Life. Its only intention is to express Life more freely through all that is. This Love, this Presence, this Power is infinite-that is without beginning and without end, and eternal-was never born and shall never die. It includes all that is formed and all that is unformed.

It includes me. I am one with the absolute Love of the Divine Presence. It is my source and my nourishment. It is continuously creating through me.

So, I am right now affirming that I cooperate with this intentional creation of Life through me. I open my heart to receive  absolute Love. And as I do, I am called to and drawn to activities that promote my well-being. I become a master of self-care. And as I do, I am serving all that I come into contact with. When I am kind to myself, I am easily kind to others. When I am patient with myself, I am easily patient with others. When I am well, I can support the wellness of others. I care for my body, mind and spirit naturally and easily. I gladly accept responsibility for my own well-being. I am delighted to practice good self care.

I give thanks for this realization of Life expressing Love and Care through me.

I accept this my Word is complete and accomplished without delay.

And So It Is

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