Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prayer for Ukraine

Prayer for Ukraine  by  Brenda Kobrin, RScP

 There is One Power and Presence in the universe, One Spirit, One Creative Source, One Holy, Divine Center of all that is. It's nature is wholeness, peace integrity, oneness. It is never divided against Itself, but always in harmony with It's own nature. And there is nothing outside of It.

 It encompasses all that exists and that includes all people and all nations of the world, east and west, north and south, and everything in between. In recognizing this, I recognize that there is inherent peace and harmony in, through, and between all nations, each one expressing its unique flavor of the Divine. There is wholeness, peace, perfection, and harmony at the heart of Ukraine and at the heart of Russia. This divine perfection is naturally present in every citizen and in every leader of these countries, and in all of those who look on to the interplay between these nations.

 I call upon this Divine Presence in all to override fear and tension between Ukraine and Russia and to guide these two nations and all of their concerned neighbors and world citizens to harmonious relations and peaceful interactions. I know that a higher good is bubbling to the surface of expression in the current situation in Ukraine and that it is guided by the Divine Creative Source. I claim peace, harmony and well-being for all of the people of Ukraine and a greater opportunity than ever before for each of them to express their divine nature. I claim for each of them a release of fear and a deep knowing of the truth. I claim for all Ukrainians a greater sense of confidence in knowing who they are and in expressing their divine nature, as individuals and as a nation. Peace, joy, and a deep sense of well-being prevails in Ukraine.

 I am grateful for this shift in consciousness that is taking place for Ukraine, for her neighbors, and for all the world, as we see Ukraine emerge more free and powerful in her divine expression, more confident in who she is, and more willing than ever to play her divine part in the world.

 With a deep sense of conviction in knowing the truth, I release this word to the Divine presence which has already said yes and has already made it so. And so it is.

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